Resolve co-ownership disputes effectively and rapidly through mediation or arbitration

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution that requires the presence of an impartial and neutral mediator that the parties have chosen by mutual agreement. The Mediator does not have any decision-making or coercive power: His role is to allow the parties to express themselves by preventing discussions from degenerating, to identify the interests of the parties and to help them find acceptable solutions or compromises. It must strive to maintain a balance between the parties. His intervention is intended to enable the parties to reach a reasonable agreement. Mediation is conducted in a flexible and confidential manner.
Arbitration is more like a traditional judicial process in that it results in a decision (the award) that the parties involved must respect. Arbitration is distinguished from the judicial process by its private nature, by a lesser formalism and by the possibility of the parties to choose together an arbitrator whose specialized skills they recognize for their particular litigation matter.


The Code of Civil Procedure of 2016

As of January 1, 2016, the law obliges anyone to consider the use of private means of conflict prevention and resolution, such as mediation, arbitration or negotiation, before going to court.

Private dispute prevention and settlement methods such as mediation and arbitration are more accessible, less confrontational and more likely to ensure a quick outcome. Possibly less expansive too.>

We are co-ownership law experts

Our group consists of experienced lawyers and notaries who also are registered médiators and/or arbitrators. The expertise of our members in condominium law in Quebec is well known and their credibility is undisputed.

The option of choosing a condo expert to act as mediator or arbitrator is a major advantage because of his knowledge about every aspect of life in a condo.  This will not necessarily be the case if you go to court.

Your dispute can be resolved rapidly

Unlike a hearing before a court, the parties do not have to submit to the inevitable delays associated with the judicial process, since they establish, together with the mediator or arbitrator, the pace of the meetings and the timing of the process.

This means that mediation or arbitration can very well take place in a period as short as a few weeks or even days.


We work anywhere in Quebec

Our mediators and arbitrators are available to work for you everywhere in the province of Quebec

If you want to solve your problem properly and quickly, do not wait and contact us!





Examples of disputes that we can help you resolve

Conflict about the renovation of a co-owner

Some residents may start a renovation project without having complied with the co-ownership rules. What must we do if they refuse to comply with the rules?

Construction defects in the condo

What if a builder, developer or vendor declines all responsibility for water infiltration in the garage in the spring? Isn't this a hidden defect?

The right to keep pets in the condo

The board of directors would like to prohibit all pets in the condo. The co-owners concerned are at bay ... Some need their guide dog.  Is it possible to find a solution?.

Encroachment of the common areas by a co-owner

Your neighbor stubbornly keeps his bike or other sports equipment in the corridor.


Co-ownership declaration interpretation

It is frequent to see some heated debates about the interpretation to be given to the declaration of co-ownership at general meetings of co-owners.

Your neighbor runs a commerce in the condo

What can you do to stop the resulting traffic disturbing everyone?


Recovery of due amounts from a party

What if a co-owner refuses to pay his common expenses share or if the reimbursement of an overpayment seems to have become an impossibility?.

Your condo is suddenly next to an AirBnB?

Your condo does not allow AirBnB but your neighbor refuses to comply with the regulations. How to fix this problem?

Choose one of our mediators or arbitrators

Mᵉ Serge Abud

Mᵉ Serge Abud, condo expert lawyer and mediatorSerge Abud graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal in 2003 and was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2004. He joined the team of Papineau Avocats Inc. to specialize in real estate law and in co-ownership law, both divided and undivided.

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Mᵉ Marie-Cécile Bodéüs
Mediator and arbitrator

Me Marie-Cécile Bodéüs, condo expert lawyer, mediator and arbitratorMᵉ Marie-Cécile Bodéüs exerce en droit de la copropriété depuis 1997 et au sein de l’équipe de litige et de droit de la copropriété du cabinet de Grandpré, Joli-Cœur, s.e.n.c.r.l. depuis 2004.
iconeTelephone M C BODEUS e

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Mᵉ Pierre Champagne
Mediator and arbitrator

Mᵉ Pierre Champagne, condo expert lawyer,mediator and arbitratorMᵉ Champagne specializes in real estate, litigation and co-ownership law. He excels in condominium litigation, mortgage realization and disputes relating to the rights and duties of condominium corporations.

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Mᵉ Stefania Chianetta
Mediator and arbitrator

Mᵉ Stefania Chianetta, condo expert lawyer, mediator and arbitratorMᵉ Chianetta graduated from the Université de Montréal Faculty of Law in 1997 and was added to the Quebec roll of the Order of Advocates in 1998.  Her multidisciplinary career path and experience as a Senior Legal Advisor for the Association des Syndicats de copropriété du Québec (ASCQ) from 2004 to 2006 led to her decision in 2006 to head a department in an Old Montreal law firm that specialized in co-ownership rights....

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Mᵉ Sébastien Fiset
Mediator and arbitrator

Mᵉ Sébastien Fiset, condo expert lawyer, mediator and arbitratorA graduate of the Université de Sherbrooke in 1997 and a member of the Québec Bar Association since 2002, Mᵉ Sébastien Fiset has more than fifteen (15) years of experience in condominium law and commercial litigation. He also holds a bachelor's degree in finance from the École des HEC of Montreal. Mᵉ Fiset is a lecturer at McGill University where he teaches the legal management of condominiums.

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Mᵉ François Forget
Mediator and arbitrator

Mᵉ François Forget, condo expert notary, mediator and arbitratorMᵉ Forget is a notary since 1975 (University of Montreal). He is also a professional accountant (CPA, CA), and a graduate from HEC Montreal. He is a well-known expert in co-ownership law and was appointed as a member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec working group on co-ownership, which was established with the support of the Minister of Justice. His practice is distinguished by its great versatility.

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Mᵉ Yves Joli-Coeur, Ad. E.
Mediator and arbitrator

Mᵉ Yves Joli-Coeur, Ad. E. condo expert lawyer, mediator and arbitratorA senior partner at de Grandpré Joli-Cœur since its creation, Me Yves Joli-Cœur graduated from the Université de Montréal in 1981 and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1983. The Quebec Bar awarded him the "Lawyer Emeritus (Ad.E.)" distinction for his substantial contribution in the field of divided co-ownership in Quebec. He is the author of several books on the subject.

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Mᵉ Yves Papineau, Ad. E.
Mediator and arbitrator

Mᵉ Yves Papineau, Ad. E. condo expert lawyer, mediator and arbitratorMember of the Quebec Bar since 1979, Mᵉ Papineau is an expert in real estate law, particularly in condominium law and mortgage recourses. The Bar has awarded him the "Lawyer Emeritus (Ad.E.)" distinction for his contribution to the profession. He has written several reference and extension books on the subject of co-ownership.

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Mᵉ Michel Paradis

Mᵉ Michel Paradis, condo expert lawyer and mediator Member of the Quebec Bar since 1983, he is working at the firm Jolicoeur Lacasse of which he became a partner in 1995. Co-ownership law is one of his specialties. He is a member of the Comité du Barreau en matière de copropriété and president of the RGCQ for the Quebec city area.

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Mᵉ Ghislain Raymond
Mediator and arbitrator

Me Ghislain Raymond, condo expert lawyer, mediator and arbitratorMᵉ Ghislain Raymond exerce au sein de l’équipe de litige et de droit de la copropriété du cabinet de Grandpré, Joli-Cœur, s.e.n.c.r.l. Dans le cadre de sa pratique, Mᵉ Raymond conseille et représente des particuliers autant que des syndicats de copropriété et des promoteurs immobiliers en matière de copropriété divise.

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